Create your own ICO cryptocurrency exchange to sell your ERC20 token directly to your investors!

Create your own ICO cryptocurrency exchange to sell your ERC20 token directly to your investors!


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"Getting frustrated on waiting for listing your own cryptocurrency in a third party exchange?" Do not worry. Servpay has got you covered. If you have your own crypto tokens, why not your own exchange? Be the boss.
Just think of you, owning an exchange platform like binance and etherdelta? Guess what, you are literally moving towards a million dollar business. This will be more to direct sell of your tokens.. in a more simplified expression, people will exchange your own token with crypto or US dollar!
Search nowhere in the market. You are already in a trusted and the most reputed choice of many businesses out there. Servpay is about to give you the most professional exchange platform that will make you stand out from your competition. We are in the field for almost 5 years, helping out companies like Federal Credit, and Stimulus Coin. You will get nothing but a completely secure and fully tested cryptocurrency exchange software.

       Stable Coin
       ERC-20 Token Support
       Margin Trading
       Lending System
       User Management
       Admin Portal
       Blockchain Wallet
       Cryptocurrency Trade
       Eye-Catching Design
       2FA Authentication
       Email Authentication
       SMS Authentication
       Referrals & Affiliate Programs

Technology Stack:
       (Online Server)
       Solidity Smart Contract

Create your own ICO cryptocurrency exchange to sell your ERC20 token directly to your investors. You buy the script we do the job!

More to know about your future exchange!

ICO Admin Script helps your contributor to purchase your token easily. You can manage your token amount, soft-cap/hard-cap, token price, bonus through each stage and set payment wallet address that automatically apply on purchase process.

It has built-in referral bonus management system so investor/contributor can invite more people to bring into your platform. You can specify the bonus amount for both user as who invite and who join and bonus will automatically adjust once transaction approved.

included 2 Layer security option as Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for every users so they can protect their account more strongly. Also system allow to change password through email confirmation which give more security for users.

Backbone of TokenLite is Laravel v5.7 – the most popular and secure PHP web framework. It also used jQuery, Bootstrap v4 and Back-end UI of TokenWiz. You can easily customize everything, add your own functionality, other php-library, add-on or module, if you familiar with PHP/Laravel.

You will need to buy it and we will install it for you!

You will also need a fast and stable Web hosting service
We really recommend this hosting service because you don't want your website to broke while investors buying your token!

Finally, You don't need any programming skills.
We will handle everything for you!


2 Reviews

  1. I am impressed. These guys are quick, understand the job and provide amazing round the clock support.

    Initially I wanted proof, but I took a leap of faith. I am happy that I did. True Crypto Pro's.

    1. Hello Mr. Gaurav, thanks for the kind review. We at ServPay.net wish you and your project the success.

      Here is a link to your Giggles (GIG) crypcryptocurrency


      Again thank you so much ♥